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Chronic diseases affect over 60% of the adult population, consuming 80% of healthcare expenditures. Chronic diseases usually develop over a period of several years, especially if the person’s risk factors are not managed (Primary Prevention).


There are, however, clear guidelines for screening tests for the early detection of chronic diseases that allow better management to achieve the best possible outcomes (Secondary Prevention).


Once a person is diagnosed with a chronic disease, there are follow-up tests and methods for reducing complications and improving quality of life (Tertiary Prevention). The unique, non-invasive WIKAYA app provides users with personalized recommendations for preventing the onset of chronic diseases and reducing complications following a diagnosis. These recommendations may relate to physical activities, nutrition, lifestyles and more – and differ from person to person, and from one period of time to another.


WIKAYA also provides users with customized content (Primordial Prevention), to help achieve a better understanding of what they need and why. This is important as one of the main difficulties in preventing chronic diseases is getting people to take preventive measures and comply with given guidelines and recommendations. Our artificial intelligence (AI) platform increases compliance, by providing Wikaya Prevention Score that gives users a clear indication of their prevention efforts and what is required of them. This score is specific to each user and continuously changes over time.


The Prevention Score is calculated based on the efforts made by users to reduce modifiable risk factors as well as their compliance with screening and follow-up tests. WIKAYA algorithms analyze users’ behavior to identify compliance patterns, build a predictive AI model, and deliver highly customized and personalized recommendations.

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